Podcast #6 – Brand New Heavies

September 26, 2008

Brand New Heavies, comprised of band mates, Jan Kincaid, Simon Bartholomew, Andrew Levy and vocalist N’Dea Davenport, happen to be one of many of my favorite groups.  This podcast is dedicated to them. While Brand New Heavies is moreso the band than the vocalist, N’Dea, they’ve even admitted that in their 2006 return that they weren’t quite complete as a group until she returned.  After seeing them twice in concert with N’Dea, I’d have to totally agree.  Big ups and enjoy a little Acid jazz session.



Have A Good Time
I Don’t Know Why ( I Love You )
Ten Ton Take
Brother Sister
Never Stop
Dream On Dreamer
Ride In The Sky
Spend Some Time
Snake Hips
Stay This Way
Dream Come True
Keep Together
Day Break
All Fired Up
Let’s Do It Again
*Albums these songs came from: Brand New Heavies, Brother Sister, and Get Used To It

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