Podcast #10 – Try Again, again

October 23, 2009

Been a long time, since I’ve done one of these. This is not only my attempt at posting weekly/bi-monthly (at least) podcast of music that I enjoy, but it is also a testament to me trying to dust off what life has thrown at me and try this here again. It’s funny how life throws a curve ball your way. You can either stand in the path and get taken out, or you can smoothly turn to the side, real ninja-like and allow that ball to just barely miss you. I’ve chosen the latter. I start this 1 hour long podcast off with a track by the late Aaliyah that was remixed by Derrick Carter. I sorta ran across it because I follow his twitter feed (@blucu) (Big Ups Derrick!!!). In any case, enjoy. The playlist is listed below. If you like what you hear, please go out and buy the albums.Try Again



Aaliyah – Try Again, again (B.H.Q (@Blucu) Remix)
Sneaker Pimps – Post Modern Sleaze (The Salt City Orchestra Night Club Mix)
Massive Attack – Bulletproof Love (Van Rivers & the Subliminal Kid Remix)
Erykah Badu- On and On (Deep Focus Remix)
Milosh – Gentle Samui
Björk – Jóga
Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill
Sinead O’Connor – You Made Me A Thief of Your Heart
Sam Sparro – Still Hungry
Paul Mac Innes & T.B.O.I.- Don’t Know Me Yet
Brand New Heavies – I’ve Been Touched

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