Zenni Optical – The Hub of Low Price Eyewear

May 11, 2010

Black Medium Plastic Full Rim

Have you ever spent $400 dollars for a pair of frames only to either step on them or lose them, say, two months from the date you got them? In this day and time, money’s too tight to mention and not everyone can replace their frames so easily.

Retro Orange Tortoise Shell Square

Enter Zenni Optical – a California web-based eyeglass manufacturer that markets and sells its own brand of frame called ZENNI. There are no “middlemen” distributors and their budget for advertisement is slim to none. They rely simply on “word of mouth” to advertise their inexpensive and stylish frames. Users can log in and choose from frames that range in price from $8.00 – $30.00 dollars and in styles from half-rim, memory titanium, men’s classics, women’s and children’s fashion frames.

Black Square Basic

It’s easy to select a frame or frames of your liking and place an order. Make sure that you have your prescription on hand. If you do not have your eyeglass prescription, contact your eye doctor and they will be more than happy to provide a copy for you. Depending on your location in the states, complete eyeglass orders should arrive within two weeks time. I, for one, am glad I discovered Zenni (word of mouth actually) and have several pairs on hand. I have taken quite a liking to the Men’s Classic Retro Tortoise Shell Frames (seen below). I get comments on them all time and I cannot help but to chuckle and think to myself, “Little do they realize, these frames cost only $8 dollars.”

My Personal Current Favorite -Retro Black Tortoise Shell

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