The Return of My Peugeot Avoriaz

May 12, 2010 child is back

Tacoma has proved to be my personal “City of Destiny”. I was itching to take my bike out for a spin, but realized that it needed a serious tune up. The chain looked a bit rough, the tires were stripped and flat, the seat did not seem to appear as comfortable as it once was, and the breaks…..well, one should never take a chance with breaks, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where the street can go from a simple inclined plane to a 90 degree angle in seconds.

I feverishly began my search for a good bike shop in the area. I typed ” Tacoma, Bike Shops” into the Google Search Engine and Eureka! – Tacoma Bike. Actually it wasn’t the first bike shop that came up in the results (it was #5) but it seemed more the “real deal”.  Any bike shop that names itself after the city it resides must be worth a try, local pride and all.

Tacoma Bike, whose motto “Life is better on a bike”, hosts a number of biking events, maintenance classes and a Riders Club. Along with this and their excellent repair service, they even have a sector that specializes in bike fitting. Bike fitting is a new concept to me.  I always thought one could sit on a few bikes to see which one was the most comfortable, but no way, it is much more complex than that.  It is so much more complex, the price for a proper fitting can cost you $150 dollars for a 1.5 hour session.  If you think about it, riding a bike should be as comfortable as possible and the rider/ bike relationship should be synergistic. You wouldn’t go walking about wearing shoes that don’t fit, would you? Well, it’s almost the same concept.

Tacoma Bike  customizes their bikes uniquely for their riders.  Silly me, I always thought that bike shops were places you either made a bike purchase or needed repairs. Tacoma Bike offers much much more.  I’m not entirely sure if I’ll have time to take up one of the events, maintenance tutorials or even the Riders Club, but I am extremely grateful that I found a bike shop that takes so much pride in bikes and bike riding.  I will definitely continue to visit this wonderful establishment for all of my biking needs!

When I finally picked up the Peugeot, I was surprised it only took about a week’s turnaround time for: a tune-up, new seat and a solid pair of Kevlar tires.  Next Mission: To master the steep streets of Tacoma!

Side note: Tacoma Bike should be promoted to #1 in search results when searching for “Tacoma, Bike Shops” in Tacoma.  Just a thought. They are the best!

2 Responses to “The Return of My Peugeot Avoriaz”

  1. Carol Hilker Says:

    Tacoma sounds really awesome.

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