My Love of Local Food and The Tacoma Farmers Market

July 20, 2010

…so this blog has been quiet for a bit. I’ve been quite occupied with creating a video for a contest hosted by the Tacoma Farmers Market. It’s been a doozy being unemployed since April, but a close friend and former-colleague so eloquently pointed out, “Dood, it’s only been 4 months, it’s not that bad and you are using this time to work on personal projects and fine-tuning your skills.” After going over this in my head a few times, I thought, “Hey, she’s right.”

I’ve been visiting the Tacoma Farmers Market every Thursday morning for the past month now, collecting footage, buying produce, hanging out and enjoying some live music :). This is my examination of the market and my love for locally grown foods. In this piece, I show some sites of Tacoma, my herb garden and a few of the recipes I’ve posted to the Cuttingkeyboard Blog. The video runs about 4:04. Please Enjoy!

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