Podcast 13 – The Purple Experience

August 12, 2010

Podcast 13 - The Purple Experience

Prince, The Purple One, O(+>.  What ever you wish to call him, is one of the most successful and brilliant musicians around.   Some may even call him a genius.  If you ask anyone to name a song by Prince, I’m sure you’ll get your standards like Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, or even Sexy M.F.  With this podcast, I wanted to dig a bit deeper.  I wanted to put together a tapestry of songs; songs you may have heard and songs you may not have heard, songs you may like…songs you may not…but just the same this is Podcast 13 – The Purple Experience.  Enjoy!



1.  Le Grind
2.  Hello
3.  200 Balloons
4.  17 Days
5.  Delirious
6.  Lady Cab Driver
7.  She’s Always In My Hair
8.  Hot Thing
9.  Joy In Repetition
10.  New Power Generation
11.  Thieves In The Temple
12.  Billy Jack Bitch
13.  The Morning Papers
14.  Shhh….
15.  Damn U
16.  Dark
17.  Loose!
18.  Fury
19.  Slave
20.  The Continental
21.  Letitgo
22.  I Hate U
23.  NPG Operator
24.  3 Chains O’ Gold
25.  The Beautiful Ones

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