Podcast #20 – …Gone to the city…

May 6, 2011

Podcast #20 - ...Gone to the city...

Amazing that this is the 20th podcast. If you think about it, that is roughly 20 hours of music. Feel free to check out any podcasts you might have missed. This particular podcast coincides with Mother’s Day weekend. To honor such a special time, I’ve compiled a variety of tracks containing amazing female vocals and out-of-this-world production, which In my opinion, is the key to an amazing tapestry of music. Featured artist include: Amalia, Brand New Heavies, Janelle Monáe, Lisa Shaw and Jaidene Veda, just to name a few. So stream or download to your favorite player and enjoy before your night out on the town. Go to the city!



Sunday (Jimpster Remix) – Jaidene Veda
Feel – Lisa Shaw
Dance or Die (Feat. Saul Williams) – Janelle Monáe
A Love Like This – Jimpster
Nobody Knows Me – Aya
Guinea Pig (Feat. Julia Biel) – Ben Watt
Luxurious (AD Bourke Remix) – Amalia
Never Stop (Postino Remix) – Brand New Heavies
Little W. 12th Street (Feat. Monique Bingham -DJ Spinna Remix) – Ralf GUM
Superman (Feat. Bucie) – Black Coffee
All The Funk I Need (B.Kun Remix) – Amalia

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