If you have nothing good to say…

May 25, 2016

I’ve had this debate in my head over the course of the year now and I grow weary of the voices in my head:

“If I don’t have anything good to say (type), keep my mouth shut and fingers to myself.”  

It would appear, in the age of social media, everyone has an opinion and they will force feed you with it, whether you want it or not.  Eat the cake Anna Mae! Newsflash:  I’m not very hungry.

If you see a post on another’s wall, a post that sends your soul to the depths of hell and back, do you comment or not?  Rule of thumb, if you have nothing good to say, to add or to expand on to the point of positive enlightenment, you should keep your mouth closed and your fingers to yourself.  The thing is, most of this “keyboard” warrior malarkie is nothing more than the projection of the users current life situation.  Recently, I’m sensing petty and bitter, but that’s just me.  Ha.  That said, the next time someone posts non-sequitur, negative commentary on a post (on your wall…the your wall is important) you placed for positivity, realize who the culprit is, proceed to unfollow, unfriend,  or block (if they are just over-the-top).  No need to engage.  I made the mistake once of engaging in lunacy and the argument ventured more and more into….well, the depths of hell.  Social media etiquette:  Keep your mouth shut.  Tricky and Björk are here for the community announcement and they are tired of your sh*t.

In other good news:

Day 3 of spending diet:  Good day.  I enjoyed carrots and grapefruit for breakfast, even though I wanted a red velvet cake donut. Blergh!


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