Self-care, someone’s gotta do it.

May 26, 2016


Spidey says self-care is important….

Day 4 of my spending diet also happened to land on payday which has the potential to make one think themselves Rockerfella, at least for 30 seconds.  You know the feeling,

“just got paid, it’s Friday night, party hunting, feeling”

….wait…those are the lyrics to Just Got Paid (rest in power, Johnny), and it’s only Thursday afternoon; I digress.  Thursdays in Destiny, a farmers market pleasantly appears around the corner from my office, which calls out to me to peruse the wares and see what I can best use, without breaking the bank.  In keeping to my oath of a spending diet, I made a list of items I needed (because I support local) and went about my way.  I sought the following:

  1. Green Veggies – From the plow to the plate (Human Things)
  2. Fruit – From the plow to the plate (Human Things)
  3. Soap – Maintenance (Human Things)
  4. Bundle of flowers – Maintenance (Human Things)

Now #4 might seem a bit on the frivolous side, but it has great value to me. This is one of my self-care tactics.  You see, I enjoy giving flowers.  Maybe it’s a sign of my Earthiness. They mean a lot.  They sometimes smell good and don’t look so bad on your desk.  It’s a reminder to myself, that I’m ok and that I deserve nice things once in awhile.  It also means, I don’t need anyone to do these things for me.  Hence, self-care.  Many of us forget to take time out for ourselves due to our schedules and relatively hectic lives.  Taking yourself out to a film, to a dinner or even spending some quality alone time can be a form of self-care.  In this day and time, with so much going on, it’s hard just getting out of bed, but we do it each and every day.  Just like many depend on us.  “We” depend on “Us”, meaning,

“how can you help someone else, if you can’t help yourself?”  Why not along the way, give yourself a pat on the back for doing an o.k. job.  Give yourself a boost by taking time out for “(whatever your name may be)”.  You’re worth it.

Regarding the diet….I stayed on task and only got the items I needed (as listed above).  I can make several meals and side dishes with the edibles, and can continue enjoying hot showers or muscle healing baths with locally crafted soap and bath bombs (also self-care).   Well done.  The trick?  Keep going….

Today’s tune:

Brand New Heavies – You Are The Universe

“if you conceive it, you can achieve, that’s why I believe in you…yes I do!”

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