Get up off the ground

June 7, 2016


get up…

If you are looking for someone to save you,
the foolish man is most blind.
You must have read that wrong.
You must have misinterpreted the signs.

Seated on gravel,
head bowed low,
hand raised as palms
collecting pity as coins,
to sway time, just a bit more…
five more minutes…
(we just need to get through five more minutes.

Never in a million years,
did he dream of being a child,
of a concrete king-less, jungle…

…the streets…
street life….for a nickel, for a dime, for a fix.

Clothes lain on gravel.
Layers of time caked,
attached to clothing,
attached to skin.

You are sorely mistaken, if it’s help you seek here.
How did you get here, and where are you going?

Lost from the herd.
Left behind, weak and trifling (they thought).
The wolves lie in wait.
They haven’t eaten in some time.

Let them come.

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