Dj Sc Six Olives 8.5.11

August 9, 2011

Dj Sc set from 8.5.11

Here is my set at Six Olives Lounge in Tacoma, Washington for 8.5.11.  I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.  Though the 2-3 hour set usually contains bits of jazz and soul, I decided to just record the one hour set of deep house.  I hope you enjoy it.  Stream or download for your bumping enjoyment.



Dj Sc 7.22.11

Here it is. Finally after several attempts to upload this set, I finally got wordpress to cooperate. This is my first set as resident of Six Olives Lounge in Tacoma, Washington. I haven’t Dj’ed in over 10 years and it’s all up and up from here. An infusion of Jazz, Soul and House music (inspired by my forever home, Chicago). Jazz and Soul is mixed throughout and the house music kicks in around the 1 hour mark. Dj Sc spins every friday from 930-midnight at Six Olives Lounge. As always, Enjoy!