Save yourselves….

June 17, 2016


Save yourselves


Herb garden coming along nicely...

Living here in Tacoma has been great thus far.  Despite the everyday hustle of adapting resumes and cover letters to fit a job that peaks my interest, I have found peace in living in a quaint peaceful neighborhood with a nice sized house, front and back yard, two gardens, a grill and garbage/recycling pick-up every Friday.  This is the life.  That said, I’ve had to remove a few critters from the house.  I’m not a fan of killing spiders because growing up, I remember my God-Mother mentioning spiders brought good luck to the home or that to see a spider is an omen that you were to expect a visitor.  While that is all nice and dandy, I forgot the wives’ tales immediately when I saw a “ginormous” thick-legged black spider the size of my fist sitting casually on one of our moving boxes.  Not cool.  Not to mention, we had noticed little ones here and there throughout the week.  Doubly not cool.  What’s that unproven statistic?; we swallow at least 5 spiders a week in our sleep during the week.  Yech!  That said, I knew something had to be done.  While, I didn’t want to kill them, I wanted to say to them, “You guys are alright, just take care of the good luck from outside the house, comprende?”  I immediately started my search on the web for various natural spider deterrents.

I saw various posts that raved about citrus, lavender, vanilla, and vinegar sprays. Spiders taste with their legs and if they walk on a surface treated with these items, well, they turn tail.  There was one even more sinister post about capturing spiders and pureeing them down, combining their mangled bodies with water and spraying in corners and along baseboards.  Again, same concept, spiders taste with their legs and the taste of death doesn’t bode well with them.  As mentioned earlier, the key was looking for something much more humane.  Capturing spiders just to throw into a blender does not seem like a fun filled Sunday afternoon activity.  The natural, homeopathic path had a more appealing feel to me and I immediately went to work.  Herein lies my process:

Triple Threat- Citrus Concentrate

Take a medium sized Mason jar and fill it only half-way with white distilled vinegar (apple cider vinegar will work as well).  Next, take the zest of 2 oranges and 2 lemons and add it to the jar.  The zest is the skin of the citrus fruits and contains high concentrations of the essential oil of the fruit.  This is very useful when the need for pure citrus essence is needed.  Next add 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to the vinegar-citrus mixture and squeeze the juice of one lemon for an extra boost.  Finally, top it off with a fresh sprig of lavender.  Close the lid and give it a good shake.  Let sit for 24-48 hours.  The result will be a concentrate.  Pour the desired amount of concentrate into a spray bottle and add water to dilute.  It is recommended to use 1 part concentrate and 2 parts water, but use whatever ratio of strength you desire.  Spray all baseboards, corners, and surfaces with your newly created Spider Repellent and soon you’ll see a difference.  It is highly recommended to periodically spray surfaces and corners and baseboards to keep up your citrus barrier.  This concentrate can be much more than a repellent, which makes this post so extra EXTRA special.

All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner

The concentrate may also be used as a daily, everyday cleaner— Talk about being Green!  Keeping your arachnid friends at bay is just one of its many uses. You can clean your counter tops, stovetops, sinks, and cabinets with ease.  Just use the same spray bottle you used before, grab yourself a rag, spray and wipe clean.  I’ve actually used it every day since making my concentrate about a week ago.  I’ve been really pleased with the cleaning results and am surprised I didn’t consider it sooner.  It cleans and disinfects and blocks spiders.

Spinach Applewood Bacon Salad w/Citrus Vinaigrette

Egad!  What’s next?  Well, how about a Citrus Vinaigrette for your favorite salad. I know I know.  You’re thinking, “How in the world did we just go from repelling spiders, to cleaning counters, to my salad bowl?”  Quite easily actually.  If you’ve notice, we’ve used all natural ingredients and all very much consumable.  A vinaigrette is nothing more than oil and vinegar, so the only thing we really need to turn this concentrate into a delicious salad topper is a bit of extra virgin olive oil.

In a bowl, add about 1 teaspoon of oil per 1 teaspoon of citrus concentrate.  When spooning out concentrate, try to get some of the citrus zest in there, as it will add some extra flavor and color to your greens.  Use 1:1 ratios to your liking of taste.  Add fresh ground pepper and a pinch of salt.  Mix vigorously until oil and vinegar are mixed well. Next, pour over your greens. Congratulations, you have now just created a simple citrus vinaigrette for any salad of your choosing.

So to recap:

1) Spider Repellent

2) Everyday Cleaner

3) Citrus Vinaigrette

Crazy huh?  I’ve spent a lot of time at home, as of late, to test this and it absolutely works.  If you have questions or want to know some specifics on ingredients and such….feel free to contact me. I’m also thinking of marketing this somehow…any ideas…I’m all ears :).  I think this would make an excellent all-natural product 🙂

By The Power of Greyskull

December 23, 2008

….and because I posted the She-Ra intro the other day (ladies first), I thought it was no more than right than to throw up He-Man. Remember the He-Man series that Cartoon Network ran some years ago? It was a darker He-Man…the story line was way more edgier…..Though I still think that the cartoons of the 80’s were the clique.