Save yourselves….

June 17, 2016


Save yourselves


The Game

June 15, 2016


“…the games that people play…”

“Don’t play with something,
you should cherish for life.”

Marvin said it best.

Toying with each other,
as a cat toys with a mouse.
The chase, the fear of capture,
the fear of being slain.
Sliced opened and left vulnerable to
elements, microbes and vultures.

Emotions, promises, experiences, games.
The games that people play.

As youth, we played doctor.
As adults, we play house.
The rules have never changed.
Roll the die. (you only get one)
Move accordingly.
Pick up a card.
Follow instruction.
Move piece.

When I was child, I did as a child.
When I became a man, the child
fought back in defiance, until
one day, he cried himself to sleep.

The Fall

June 14, 2016


Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.31.26 PM.png

“…share the fall…” @Snoqualmie Falls Park 

Remembering the time

when love ruled, in a temple

of obsidian and alabaster.

Bridged by melodies and tempos of the heart,

two merged as a unit, together stronger

together, forever…

Soul mates promised,

a high pedestal  and aspirations…the arrogance of it all.

The Fall….

Plummeting down,

out of love, out of sync.

A unit becomes two,

two become strangers.

One is forgotten.

Remembering what was,

not knowing if a return is possible,

not having the strength to steer the ship

into such treacherous waters.

“you always try so hard not to remember….you always try so hard…”


Buddha Bush reminding us….somewhere on Fawcett.

I always imagine Music as a woman of indiscernible age.  She is as fluid as the waters run wet.  Her robe writhes with emotion, as it changes color based on the message….the message being the song.  Red, anger; Green, envy; Grey, sadness; Black, void, one could go on and on regarding color-emotion pairings (isn’t there a movie or a study about this?).

She speaks to me.  She speaks to us all.  I feel as if she’s spoken to me since the womb.

Music is the Answer

The Great Equalizer

Ole Reliable 


Truth comes from her.  She dances in the minds of many, demanding control of fingers, eyes, legs, hands, arms.  I am nothing more than a conduit.  Man-made Instruments, I cannot play.  I was never of the socio-economic class to afford such a things in grade school.  I have a voice.  I have ears.  I have feet.  I move.  I dance.  I sing.

A thought lingered in my mind, as I pedaled to work, “how many times has music reveled the truth to me?”  I couldn’t count how many times, as I was also concentrating on avoiding cars and busses flying aimlessly my way.  One track caught my mind –

Jaidene Veda – The One:

I djed in my earlier days in Destiny.  I was coupled then. Things were different.  Though, whenever I djed around town, I’d mix in The One.  You were never the one….you were never the one.  

This track I loved (and still love)  to the depths of my heart, but I couldn’t figure out why. Why would a song nonchalantly be telling me that “this person” is not the one and never was to begin with?  What a horrible, horrible thing to produce, to make, to mix….wait….

Listen. Listen. Listen.

He wasn’t the one.  He never was.  It was as if the song pulled back layers and layers of false securities and false hopes.  It was if the song was saying to me, “You in danger girl….” (Ghost).  It was so lodged in my brain, I would sing the chorus around the house, while cooking or doing dishes and he would be none-the-wiser.  Music was trying to tell me something.  Music was trying to save me.

Fast foward, slow moving….if nothing else I’m consistent.

Music surrounds me.  She’s at my office, hiding under my desk, humming a tune from 94.
She’s at home, filling up shelving space while providing soundscapes and lessons from various genres and kingdoms. She’s outside, with the window rolled down, as her booming voice rattles the stemware in your cabinets. She’s the pillow you press your face into when you cry yourself to sleep at night. She is the only one that cares about you.  Listen and Understand. 

Check In:
Spending Diet is good to go.  Unnecessary spending is the worse, but I finally figured out my dilemma.  Identify the things that you absolutely don’t need.   It’s a start.  I’m finally ready  for the yacht party in The Emerald City this weekend.  I have been away from a “bustling” city  and “bustling” people for too long, I forget how it feels.  There is a certain level of lethargy here in Destiny, that I need to shake off.   Like Bobby Brown says, “I gotta get away….”

What of The Answer….

August 14, 2010

What Of The Answer

Distant dreams dubiously and delicately dancing 
within the realm of the slumbering subconscious,
injecting time frames of past discretions and future light.

How long must this go on,
before the time sequence regulates itself
and the balance for peace is fulfilled?

Only time knows the answer to this coveted secret.
….and we still wait.

-facade3 2010

Balance for Peace

August 13, 2010

Balance for Peace

A listless cacophony
of the present situation inundating
the main source.

Middle ground is difficult to negotiate
when ones ears have been clapped,
thus weakening the equilibrium.

The section within the ear, when antagonized,
delivers vertigo like a Christmas wrapped gift, all the while,
a child’s innocence laughs from outside the window,
in an almost mocking soliloquy.

“If you want to win a war, serve no master but your ambition.”

-facade3 2010


August 12, 2010


Each day the rays
accidentally shatter through the window
…the thoughts of these hours should always be
joy, perseverance, strength and prosperity, simply because,
it may not be an accident after all
fore the foundations I seek may come to be,
when the concept of their purpose or their arrival is unknown to mortal minds……
-facade3 2010