…so this blog has been quiet for a bit. I’ve been quite occupied with creating a video for a contest hosted by the Tacoma Farmers Market. It’s been a doozy being unemployed since April, but a close friend and former-colleague so eloquently pointed out, “Dood, it’s only been 4 months, it’s not that bad and you are using this time to work on personal projects and fine-tuning your skills.” After going over this in my head a few times, I thought, “Hey, she’s right.”

I’ve been visiting the Tacoma Farmers Market every Thursday morning for the past month now, collecting footage, buying produce, hanging out and enjoying some live music :). This is my examination of the market and my love for locally grown foods. In this piece, I show some sites of Tacoma, my herb garden and a few of the recipes I’ve posted to the Cuttingkeyboard Blog. The video runs about 4:04. Please Enjoy!


My work…as it were…

February 2, 2010

Amongst many other things, I create video content for the organization where I spend a great deal of time. I love it. Being able to translate theory, ideas and philosophy into a visual experience is, well a nice gift to have. I know that I have much much much more to learn, but I’m on a path. I’m thankful my degree in Communications has awakened something in me; to do video pieces that have a social message. Below, here is a snippet of a piece I did for our Director General—Remarks on the wake of the earthquake that left Haiti a broken country…over a week ago.

By The Power of Greyskull

December 23, 2008

….and because I posted the She-Ra intro the other day (ladies first), I thought it was no more than right than to throw up He-Man. Remember the He-Man series that Cartoon Network ran some years ago? It was a darker He-Man…the story line was way more edgier…..Though I still think that the cartoons of the 80’s were the clique.

I’ve been stuck on Blue Six lately. Their first album Beautiful Tomorrow, blew me away, but Aquarian Angel…well, let’s just say this album has barely left my player. I have a habit of buying new releases a year or two later. I guess I wasn’t ready for it then….but I’m so ready for it now. This song in particular has a Zero 7 feel to it mixed with Om’s Naked Music. I love it….it actually brought a slight tear to my eye last night and I’ve listened to it a gazillion times since purchasing it last week. I dig the video for it…and I dig this song. It’s not so much Song of the Day, but song of present time, week, month, and year perhaps. *High price of freedom……* Enjoy!

I have heard very little about Lykke Li or Bon Iver, but I do know that I dig this song. I have a thing for live music. I know I wasn’t actually there, but picture this: you’re in the park one day and these guys and a chick are having a jam session. Wild huh? I can dig it.

Who Doesn’t Call by Andy Scott was a delicious find this morning as I was watching the downfall of Rod Blagojevich (I’ll write about that soon enough, I never really cared for him when I lived in Chicago) and enjoying coffee from my favorite coffeehouse in Chicago. Hmmm….there seems to be a Chicago connection today. So here is Who Doesn’t Call…song and video on youtube. It made me feel as if I were in a good place with my life….doing this 30 thing isn’t so bad after all.

It’s about time a vocalist came out that had that “throw back” feeling yet still spoke about issues affecting us today. So much is going on right now….and this young lady is a product of that. With influences from various artists (you can hear so many people within her…I can’t even name names), she snatches those issues, makes them tangible and shakes them off with a voice of power and innocence, while her beats call upon a futuristic robotic glitch.  The Lady is IT.  Honestly, she reminds me of Anita Baker, but 2008 style…..
Simply amazing.  I just bought the album too.  You should as well.  She has bills just like you and I :).  Check Janelle’s site out! Buy the album! It’s available on itunes if you can’t wait for the physical release.  Thanks to Think Pink Radio for the heads up on this one…..nice!