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…define, insanity. ┬áimage/@taliesan1969


Repeated lunacies, broken records
clash and wreck trains.
As often as Mercury goes retrograde,
the result has never changed….
The result has never tried to change.

Why did this happen?
Why does this continue to happen?
Insanity, just to ask.

We refuse to change.
Kicking and screaming,
Stumbling into familiar feelings,
fumbling through developmentally arrested tantrums.
“Me, me, me!” and “I want, I want, I want!”

What do you want?
You want a different outcome.
After each and every single failure,
You expect, a different flavor.

We grow tired
and so we sleep.
He slept for an entire cycle,
hadn’t lived in a bottle for well over a year.
Once woke, black curtains drawn,
white walls reflecting…

Change is inevitable.
Be it out of need.
be it out of necessity.


Whispering Words…

June 3, 2016


wrapped delicately in
woven papers, designed
to entice, excite and query.

Silence is a gift opened less
and less as time passes.
No one listens much anymore.
Distraction comes in the form
of twisted tongues and projective

Whispering words are missed at the most important moments…
moments of secreted and long deserving revelations.

“I love you.”
“I am sorry.”
“I wish….”

Death’s kiss enters the Ball,
draped in a shimmering sliver whisper. She glides across the evening floor without a chaperone or care in the world.

Silence is her gift.
Little to say. Much to teach.